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March 19th, 2012 by Monica Murgia

The Art of Fashion Advertising

DVF Ad Campaign. Image courtesy of Interview Magazine.

One of my favorite pastimes is poring over magazines while having a cup of coffee.  And two nights ago, that is exactly what I did.  This DVF ad campaign caught my eye.  What a nod to surrealism!  I couldn’t help but wonder if the advertising team attending Dylis Blum’s lecture on The Surrealist Hat.  The styling of the shot is such a reference to the art of Dali and Magritte from the 1930s.  The text accompanying the ad says:

Be the woman you want to be.

Dali - Three Young Surrealist Women Holding In Their Arms The Remains Of An Orchestra. Image courtesy of


DVF Surrealist Ad Campaign.


Woman with Flower Head by Salvidor Dali, 1937. Image courtesy of


The Pleasure Principle by René Magritte, 1937. Image courtesy of


French Connection also followed suit – their models shielding their faces with balloons.


French Connection Ad Campaign. Image courtesy of Interview Magazine.


The Son of Man by Rene Magritte, 1964. Image courtesy of


My real favorite is this fashion illustration featured in Elle Collections UK.  Fashion illustrations are a favorite of mine, and I would love to see them make a comeback.  This editorial illustration certainly looks a lot like the vintage illustrated ads for Maybelline and other cosmetics.


Makeup Illustration. Artwork by Lisa Rahman, image courtesy of Elle Collections UK.


Maybelline Illustrated Ad, c. 1960. Image courtesy of


Here’s to hoping that everything old will be new again!


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  1. perhaps the met’s upcoming exhibit is the influence ?

  2. ooh, Miuccia & Schiaparelli! I’m looking forward to seeing that :) Think that this requires a follow-up post

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