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November 13th, 2011

Fred Braun

Fred Braun shoes.

Finding a pair of vintage shoes that have never been worn is an exhilarating experience. Lucky me, a few weeks ago I found a sample pair of olive green Fred Braun shoes in my size.  But the real excitement was that I magically stumbled upon an urban shoe legend.

Fred Braun was a New York based shoe designer during the 1960s & 1970s.  He had several boutiques throughout Manhattan, including: the Village, Lexington Avenue near 50th Street, and 34th Street.  As the shoes became more in demand, they were carried in independent retailers throughout Brooklyn.


The shoes still have a cult following, and there are message boards where devotees reminisce about their favorite styles, and the iconic red and white striped boxes they came in.  Fans explain that the shoes came in specialty sizes, and were beautifully made.  Judging from the pair I found, I absolutely agree.


When Fred Braun died , and the business closed.  The shoes are no longer produced, but sometimes pairs resurface on the vintage market.  Sources say Cobblestones, a vintage store in the East Village, often has pairs.  Or you might just find them at your local flea market.

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